Marie Lundquist, author:

The four men in “Master Loneliness’s Room” have overcoats and voices. August’s coat? August’s voice? Or are they just some of the characters he embodied? What are they mumbling about? The viewer who dares to approach will hear fragments mentioning a brother. Who is he? Perhaps a paraphrase of the author? What has happened? Has he been murdered? And who has tricked whom into becoming an accomplice?

In the book with the provokingly simple but eloquent title Days of Loneliness, August describes the joy of sharing his loneliness with his created characters: “I live and I live the manifold lives of all the people I describe, happy with those who are happy, good with the good, I creep out of my own personality and speak with the mouths of children, of women, of old men; I live in all times and have myself ceased to be. This is a state, which brings indescribable happiness.”

When human intercourse brings nothing but fighting and bickering, August turns his camera to the sky and greets the clouds. Finally, a wor- thy opponent. The Master versus the Cloud. Clouds, however, also provide company and comfort for their master; like loyal pets they seem to return time after time to the same places. With the use of double exposure and various photographic manipulations, their irrational characters are enhanced. Perhaps they are not clouds, after all, but portentous mirages? August’s attempts to capture the soul of clouds find their resonance in his self-portraits taken with his self-constructed “Wunder camera”. But now it’s not about clouds but about human beings and their mysteriousness. There is an inscrutable sadness in the gaze, which August, through his cam- era lens, directs towards the world, past the viewer and into the unknown.

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