Marie Lundquist, author:

One has to go Big! And Red! Welcome to “The Red Room”. Which shares its title with August’s perhaps best-known novel. He had many words for red: orange-red, blood-red, fiery-red, garnet-red, cheekbone-red, coral-red, flesh- red, salmon-red, rust-red, scarlet-red... to name but a few. Of course, the red carpet has been rolled out, inviting the viewer to a fiery experience. But what is it that is actually exhibited here? A performance? Or a simulation? A transformation, no doubt, a metamorphosis in which words become im- age which becomes music which becomes speech... A place where a cloud can be transformed into gold, and a perch into a composer!

Or, as August put it: “My fire is the greatest in Sweden and if you will I shall set this whole wretched lair on fire!” Thus, entering this room is association with a certain risk. The careful viewer may start by feeling the words’ burning coal under their feet and quite simply let the soles of their feet decipher what has been written into the rug: “This is not Paradise!” That is the first line. But what is it then? Before you continue reading, you may want to lift your eyes from the floor and look at the far wall of the gallery. Look, the red colour has spread all the way there! Blood-red is the colour of the sky after sunset. As if August has dipped his widest brush into the paint like a graffiti painter and brutally, and in one stroke, pulled it along the wall. But he has also been generous enough to share with us his most secret words. Under the glass of the café table, we can read his notes from the note books he always carried with him. He can also be very delicate!

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