Marie Lundquist, author:

Look at him, where he stands in the middle of the room, the little boy with his face buried in his clenched fists. Being so small, he casts a long shadow. The thin body seems to sag under the weight of the broad- brimmed Scottish hat. August called him The Weeping Boy, but if one didn’t know that one could easily take him for a child holding its hands in front of its eyes, counting to one hundred in a game of hide-and-seek. In the meantime, all his friends disappear from the surface of the earth and the little boy’s mission in life will be to find them again. Certainly, this is also a reason for tears. According to August, the work was the result of an accident. His intention was to sculpt a young boy with his arms stretched upwards. In a moment of resignation, the sculptor’s hand fell on the figure’s hat, which was flattened, resulting in the proudly erect boy being weighed down by accident’s heavy yoke. And thus, in one stroke, prayer was transformed into crying. One of the many metamorphoses that August, with or without the help of accident, constantly seemed to evoke with his creative powers.

Now, after the game, the room is empty and silent. The boy is frozen in his pose, surrounded by a wall of silent trees that refuse to let him out of their cage. No, listen, there is dance music in the air, which animates everything. Tonight, there will be dancing here – a mother will dance with her son-in-law, and a daughter will be reminded of the infamy of her mother stealing her husband-to-be, and it all ends as these things tend to end: in fire and flames. Is that the reason the sky above the dense line of trees is yellow as bile? A plague flag spread across the sky...

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