Here we show art and design on the occasion of at least four large and lavish exhibitions each year.

The Liljevalchs exhibition programme is directed at both the wider public and those especially interested in a particular artistic output or art and design currents. The opening of each new artistic year is marked by the famous jury-selected Spring Salon.

The Liljevalchs art venue belongs to the City of Stockholm and was opened back in 1916 as the first independent, public museum for contemporay art in Sweden. The building is the work of Carl Bergsten and is situated amidst the captivating natural surroundings of  Djurgården Island in Stockholm.

Liljevalchs konsthall is under the direction of Mårten Castenfors.

Home Sweet Home. Furnished Tales.

27 June–15 September 2013

Welcome to an exhibition, an interior design magazine and an encyclopaedia with the exhortation: “Do It Yourself”! At Liljevalchs, visitors will encounter some of the all time greats of the art of interior design but not as we are accustomed to seeing them.

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Home Sweet Home. Furnished Tales.

Lena Cronqvist

12 October–5 January 2014

Welcome to Lena Cronqvist’s sincere and singular artistic universe, populated by powerful, weak, cocky and awkward everyday characters. Liljevalchs presents one of Sweden’s most prominent artists, with the point of departure in works from 1998 to the present day, many of which receive their premiere viewing in Stockholm. Lena Cronqvist was born in 1938, educated at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in Stockholm in 1959-64 and held her first solo exhibition in 1965.

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Lena Cronqvist

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Tisdag och torsdag 11–20, onsdag samt fredag–söndag 11–17. Måndagar stängt.

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Om Liljevalchs

Välkommen till Liljevalchs – Stockholms vackraste utställningsmiljö! Här visar vi konst och form i minst fyra stora utställningar om året.

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