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28 januari3 april 2011

Titel 199. Tracing the Invisible (#4)
Teknik Bläckstråleutskrift

Born 1978 in Tione di Trento, Italy. Lives and works in Malmö.

Tracing the Invisible, 2010.
Series of ink-jet prints on tracing paper, 31 x 23 cm each (framed).


My main field of interest lies in the unveiling of awareness. This brings me to a fascination for the interconnectedness of things: the play between form and formlessness, perception and imagination, transience and stillness. I am interested in art as a way to restore forgotten or neglected aspects of the self, at a time when we experience the largest amount of information in history. I work with various media, such as drawing, photography, video and installation.

Tracing the Invisible has its starting point in my experience at Slottsträdgården, an organic garden in the centre of Malmö, where I took part in an initiative of Konstfrämjandet to foster a dialogue between contemporary art and regular working environments.

My intention was to explore repetitive manual activities, where the mind is at rest and a higher level of bodily awareness develops. I began by filming the gardeners tasks and gradually my attention shifted to the garden as a whole, attempting to reveal that which remains mostly invisible or unnoticed.

From the video material I gathered, I selected a number of still images, which were then printed in small scale onto tracing paper, resembling contact sheets from medium format negatives. The works were created employing a faulty ink jet printer, delivering an excessive amount of ink onto an unsuitable type of paper, and granting them a similar quality to miniature watercolour paintings. Like in a recent series of video works, I was interested in the use of an accident, a technical fault, to point to another layer of reality.

The fluidity of the ink, combined with the fragility and tactile quality of tracing paper, adds to the images a sensory feel, a texture. Realistic details and references to a specific time and place are diluted, transcending the ordinariness of the subject matter and inviting viewers to contribute to the works through their imagination.


Matteo Rosa trained at Edinburgh College of Art and Malmö Art Academy, where he graduated in 2005. In recent years his work has been shown at Skånes Konstförening in Malmö, Galleri Mors Mössa in Gothenburg, Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen and Viafarini in Milan.

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