Vårsalongen 2012

27 januari25 mars 2012

Titel 103. H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria
Teknik Olja, akryl, guld på duk
Konstnär Anna Kalinitchenko Jalpachik

Anna Sergeevna Kalinitchenko (Jalpachik) was born in Crimea and studied painting in V.A Serov Art College in Leningrad, and in 1980 she started her creative work in the Para-Realism studio Reconstruction of Old Masters painting, Founded by Art Academy and Academy of science of the USSR.

Development of individual painting manner in the Para-Realism studio always started with the study of Old Masters esoteric technological symbolism and icon painting training. Later, depending on individualpainter' preferences, the painting manner was enriched by Gothic or Flemish stylistics and technique. Working in the studio, Anna Kalinitchenko (Jalpachik) created a representative collection of reconstructions of medieval Russian icons and still lives in the style of Dutch art of 17th century that were exhibited in 1982-1989 at Para-Realism art exhibitions.

Later, due to Anna Kalinitchenko' (Jalpachik) keen interest in the Dutch and Flemish still life of the 16th-17th centuries, her individual painting manner became based mainly on the mutli-layer technology of flemish painting.With the use of italian Renaissance compositional traditions and combining stylistic heritage of Symbolism with unusual images of Magic Realism,she created rich collection of paintings, representing all main art genres: figurative compositions, portraits, landscapes and still lives (1990-1999).

Work in the Para-Realism studio in 1980s gave Anna Kalinitchenko (jalpachik)  a unique skill in the reconstruction of the medievel icons and later she used the diversity of icon and Gothic painting media and technologies to create her compositions of Abstract Symbolism (2000-2009),where soft flexible color forms with picturesque textures are balanced by rhythms
and geometry of distinct graphic structures.

By. Art historian I.N.Taganov.


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