Vårsalongen 2012

27 januari25 mars 2012

Titel 151. Artificial Diaphragm IV
Teknik Fotografi, monterat på kapaskiva
Konstnär Jon Nensén

The Moebius Strip - Coexistence of man and nature in modern society.

The Moebius Strip has the mathematical property of being non-orientable. It's front side is also it's backside. If you could walk on it you'd be able to traverse all sides of it without ever crossing the edge.

Man is nature, and nature is man. We have an inner urge to venture into the wild. A need to be amongst the green and flowering. In the city we let it occupy the spaces we form next to our concrete dreams. We let it scale our buildings and we bring it into our homes. A needed closeness, to something which we might not immediately recognize as that which is our natural habitat.

As fear for mother earth's declining ability to support the future of our race  is an ever growing part of our society. We try to redeem by implementing even more of nature into our controlled and humanized environment. Are we transforming our city scape into an artificial Angkor Wat? Or is nature reclaiming mankind?

Where does the urban terrain end and where does the wilderness begin? Is there a really a line between man and nature?


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