Vårsalongen 2012

27 januari25 mars 2012

Titel 230. Nordic Lullaby
Teknik Fotografi
Konstnär Nacho Tatjer

Hölö, Mörkö and a friend of them / Nordic lullaby.

The work is the result of the process of playing and painting with light. The images are taken with handmade pinhole cameras; a rudimentary cameras built out of boxes of matches. The pinhole camera has the particularity that the lens of the objective of the camera has been replaced by a little hole. Using a tiny hole instead of a lens means that the exposure time can be five or ten minutes other than a quarter of a second.

The exhibition depicts a graphic novel where each set of photographs is a chapter. The pictures are illustrations of a private mythology based on the intuitive relationship between the artist and the characters suggested by the woods of Hättorp in Östergötland.

I worked with the images as a freewheeling visual Haiku, a sort of visual poem, incorporating elements of myth and legend out of my imagination. This is the result of an poetical experiment research and a praise to the wonderful but ephemeral nature. I pretended with not previous sketches or arranged ideas in advance to create illusions of volume and space where metaphors and meaning collide, to persuade the viewer to discover with aesthetic enjoyment the spirituality of the landscape.

There is a declaration of principles and awareness of my privilege situation in life which is depicted in the actual work and on the other hand I use alternative ways and lots of experimentation with materials. I enjoy mixing avant-garde ideas with traditional handcraft and lots of poetry.


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