Vårsalongen 2013

25 januari 14:0024 mars 17:00 2013

Titel 251. Plushyworlds
Teknik Skulptur, handsydd av återvunna textilier
Konstnär Devon Reid

I work in Plush Fabric, Stone, Clay, Electronics, Plaster, Music, Drawing and I am doing a series of paintings now. 

This figure is called Plushyworlds. I went to the Bodyworlds exhibit and was inspired to explore the concept of a person as reduced to components, or in Bodyworlds a plasticized “thing”. 

My approach was the reverse of Gunther Van Hagens in that rather than reducing a being (person) to a thing, I would create a being from things. I began to identify, select and use stuffed animal pieces to represent various parts and internal organs. My goal was to merge the two items on my mind at one time – the long-term soft sculpture project I was working on, and the show I had seen. I had hoped that the animal pieces would be only partially distinguishable, you could figure out what they were if you tried – but at the same time one would see them as parts of a greater whole. 

The Plushyworlds man can be seen as a being, especially when he is interacting with his environment. He has drawn much attention from people in the window of my apartment, on the sofa when guests come over, on the Tunnelbana and in public parks. Many people seem startled or wide-eyed when they first see him, some like him and some don't like him at all. But most surprising were those that paid no attention at all to a life-sized multicolored plush man, just waiting at the bus stop. 

My interest in soft sculpture began with my desire to make out of the ordinary gifts for my nephew Milo. I began making mutant stuffed animals from recycled materials. It was interesting to me to hear about the names he had given them and their inherited background stories. I liked that these soft mutants inspired entire mythologies. It hasn't been just children that would make up stories for these creatures, but also adults. I am interested in hearing stories about the possible travels and trials of the Plushyworlds man. 

From Portland Oregon, USA, living in Stockholm Sweden now.


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