Vårsalongen 2013

25 januari 14:0024 mars 17:00 2013

Titel 64. Peters rum
Teknik Olja på duk
Konstnär James Copeland

My paintings are inspired by everyday images found in magazines, newspapers or on the internet. They are the basis for an exploration of the immediate materiality of painting. 

One of the questions which I reflect upon is the relationship between the painted and the mechanically reproduced image and through this the paradoxes of mediate and immediate perception. This was the starting point to the painting Peters Rum, for example. A room that is staged and empty maybe even abandoned, becomes the subject for a personal and direct exploration through painting. I try to maintain the directness of painting and the distanced feeling of the image as an object in a state of stabilized tension, a balance. In this manner the intimate nature of a room and of the practice of painting are confronted to the distanced glare of the camera’s lens and of the found image as a kind of left-over of representation. 

By being transferred and translated through various media, images achieve a state of reification. By shedding their contexts through this nomadic process, these fragments of visual reality are in a continual state of losing their origin while simultaneously expanding our aesthetic experience beyond the boundaries of a direct experience of reality. 

The painting Untitled explores different elements of images as well as purely pictorial effects, which are put together in a ”room of painting”. I find that in a technique involving such control and precision as painting, it is always astonishing to see how chance and randomness can play such an important part. Overpainting and composing with elements of representation and “pure” paint bring chance into play by creating hazardous associations. Trying to control chance in a perceptual space between ready-made images and the continual process of painting is the gap in which these pictures evolve.

Born in Barnstaple, UK, lives and works in Stockholm since 2010

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