Vårsalongen 2018

12 januari25 mars

Titel 135. Czepiec z batystu i tiulu haftowanego maszynowo, I pol. XX w., Dabrówka Wielkopolska
Teknik Akryl, grafit på duk
Konstnär Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo

Many western countries define certain minorities, ethnic groups, cultures from a colonial point of view. What we have learned at school, from our history, from our parents, and from media makes us superior (we think) of the truths and description of others, those who we do not identify us with. 

A series of portraits, “Changing geographies” is about a gaze which shifts depending on who is looking.
Are images found in archives, books, on the internet, postcards, tourist snapshots a true representation of a person portrayed? Are they authentic? Who decides on that? Are they faking, mimicking and copying the past or do they represent the present? And as such, do these portraits represent a certain tradition and customs which one can identify with? Who can do that? A person portrayed, the one taking a picture or the one looking at the picture? 

Do these portraits represent a tourist gaze and something exotic or something local? Exotic or local for whom? Does only western values and perspectives count? Who is in the position to judge which tradition is “better" and who owns tradition? Is cultural heritage fixed within a certain time only or can it grow freely with time allowing “outside” and new traditions, customs, design, language to be part of it?

More info: www.jaroszlaszlo.com

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