Vårsalongen 2018

12 januari25 mars

Titel 158. Pots & Plants #3
Teknik Skulptur, papper
Konstnär Tawatchai Kerdkan

For as long as I can remember, I have had a special relationship with books. Books contain a wealth of knowledge, information, and recorded insights on the human condition. Books have provided the inspiration for much of my learning and development; they are the foundation of an examined life.

Because of my fondness for books, it follows that I have accumulated a sizeable collection over the years. A part of this collection is due to my own internal struggle over just what to do with a well-read (and well-worn) book. It often seems like too much of a parting, or small loss, to simply throw them away.

As an artist, I was moved to create a second, extended form of my books. I wanted to recycle and transform the books; give them new life.

I call this collection “Pot & Plant”. Just as a book provides us a source from which to grow, a pot serves to nourish from seed to full-grown plant. And just as we are inspired by a book, each plant will grow in its own direction, all revealing their own unique beauty along the way.

“Pot & Plant” has been a natural blend of my interests. I have worked extensively on paper art over the years, relying on my skill to cut, fold, and layer it into sculptures. Many of my sculptures, including this collection, are crafted with origami, dovetail, and other interlocking techniques that do not require glue.

I was born and raised in Thailand. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chiang Mai University, Thailand, after which I lived abroad for many years. I have lived and worked in Stockholm with my lovely Swedish family since 2009. Today, I continue working on the art I love from a studio in Bromma.

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