Jan Håfström

In the gap between the 2019 Spring Salon and Anders Petersens’ photo exhibition Stockholm, Jan Håfström’s painting installation Hotel Eden will be presented in Liljevalchs’ sculpture hall.

The project is a summary of Håfström’s more than 50-year-long career as a curious artist. In the installation, we find his special universe: the most personal, the playful, garnished with rich doses of art historical references.

Suspended in a spectacular, rusty scaffold, eight double-sided paintings present different aspects of Jan Håfström’s artistic practice. Idols such as the painter Torsten Andersson share space with Håfström’s usual symbols of his past. The exhibition is a tribute to the studio as a free zone where everything is possible, where the present slides into a past and further into the future.

Jan Håfström (b. 1937), painter, drawer and sculptor, is one of our time’s most acclaimed artists. Since his debut in 1966, he has held a multitude of exhibitions in Sweden and internationally. With inexhaustible energy and curiosity, Håfström has continually found innovative entry points into his art ever since the 1960s. Tirelessly moving between high and low, he circumnavigates childhood memories linked to symbolic surveys of our troubled times.

Opening hours: 11.00–17.00. Free entry.