Petra Gipp

For architect Petra Gipp, working with models is key. The models allow her sculptural design idiom to take form in the space – or in the void – with a personal voice. At Liljevalchs, Gipp will present 34 plaster models, which are also depicted in a publication that will be launched in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition.

The book that comes out on Arvinius + Orfeus Förlag describes Petra Gipp's architecture with the help of plaster casts, ink paintings and the poet Ann Jäderlund's words.

The exhibition of the 34 models takes place on sockets in gray beige cardboard cut in layers, many layers. One and a half tons of cardboard connects directly to the works, something that gives the base, weight and anchoring in Liljevalch's sculpture hall. In addition, music by Pelle Ossler and Christian Gabel who make the plaster and the sculpture hall lift, hover and unite.

– Petra Gipp's exhibition is certainly a short interlude, but we can assure our visitors that the sculpture hall has never been more poetic and loaded, explains Liljevalch's head Mårten Castenfors.

– You can say that Gipp's works are made for this context and they do not get worse because it belongs to them a book that is almost like a work of art. In this there are also newly written poems by poet Ann Jäderlund – can it be better?

Petra Gipp herself comments on her book artwork and her exhibition with the words:

The work on models is central. It is a method to approach architecture often, often without permission. Here, the spatial can be sculpted by focusing on volume, elements and details, where everything is merged into one and the same thought. Working seamlessly with a material gives me the opportunity, based on the material, of the architectural idea. In this way, the rooms and volumes that I create can get a clarity, a personal voice.

Petra Gipp was born in 1967 and lives and works in Stockholm.

The exhibition runs from 27 April to 13 May, Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Mondays and May 1 closed.