The Spring Salon 2019

The Spring Salon at Liljevalchs is a cherished, controversial and lively tradition dating back to 1921. This year, the art year begins on 25 January when we open the doors to a Spring Salon with 136 participants showing 254 works.

Never before have so many wanted to exhibit at the Spring Salon. At the deadline in October we had received a total of 3,538 applications. While construction work on Liljevalchs+ noisily continued outside our pink building, the jury busied themselves with a concentrated scrutiny of the plethora of applications in order to select the works that together form the best Spring Salon.

68 per cent of the applications were from women. Of the 136 who were selected, 79 were women and 57 men; the average age is 49. The youngest is an 18-year-old from Stockholm and the oldest are two participants in their nineties.

The dominant technique is painting, including painting-based mixed media, with 120 works. Followed by drawings and graphic works, each represented by 23 works, and 22 sculptural and 18 textile works.

Some 60 participants come from the greater Stockholm area and the rest are distributed across the country, from Alingsås to Ör.

This year’s jury included artists Helene Billgren, Susanne Vollmer and Lasse Åberg, who is also a museum director. As usual, the jury was chaired by Liljevalchs’ director, Mårten Castenfors.

The Spring Salon has developed into a major and well-visited event that provides the participants with a unique opportunity to be seen by a very large audience. In 2018 we had the pleasure of receiving a total of 122,146 visitors – a new record thanks to an excellent jury and because we were once again back at dear old Liljevalchs on the Royal Island of Djurgården.