The Spring Salon 2020

The Liljevalchs Spring Salon has been a lively tradition ever since its inception in 1921. Of the almost 3,000 applications to the 2020 Spring Salon, which will open on January 10, the jury has selected 170 artists, who will present a total of 330 works.

In the last few years the Spring Salon has developed into a major and much visited event that provides the participants with a unique opportunity to be seen by a large public. In both 2018 and 2019, the Spring Salon welcomed more than 100,000 visitors, which demonstrates its unique attraction.

The vitality and appeal of the Spring Salon may be explained by its breadth, its openness towards multiple artistic expressions, its mix of younger and older participants, professionals and amateurs, in the best sense of the word.

This year, more than twice as many women as men applied. Of the 170 selected applicants, 97 are women and 73 men, the average age is 49. The oldest is an 84-year-old man from Askim and the youngest are two 19-year-old women from Kumla and Johanneshov.

Approximately half of the selected applicants come from the greater Stockholm area and the rest represent all parts of Sweden from Ystad in the south to Junosuando in the north.

As in previous years, the most popular technique is painting, represented by 168 works, including mixed media painting. After a few years of weaker representation, photography returns with 34 works, while drawings and sculptures/objects are represented by 28 works each, in addition to 16 works of mixed media objects.

The Spring Salon receives a couple of thousand applications each year and it goes without saying that in order to create the art festival that we want the exhibition to be, someone has to make a selection. For the 2020 Spring Salon, Liljevalchs has had the privilege of engaging an extremely exciting jury, comprising artist Lars Lerin and artist/designer Bea Szenfeld. As usual, the jury is chaired by Liljevalchs’ director, Mårten Castenfors.