The Spring Salon 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned all of our plans upside down. We are therefore postponing the Spring Salon 2021 and setting a new opening date for the May, making it possible to visit the exhibition throughout the summer.

“The pandemic forces all of us to improvise and think in new ways. A possibility in the midst of darkness is to extend the Spring Salon into a Summer Salon, in the hope that a large and healthy audience will be ready for this great celebration of art,” Mårten Castenfors, Director, Liljevalchs, explains.

When the deadline expired on 15 October, Liljevalchs had received a total of 4,093 applications. This high number was probably a Covid-19 effect, as people have had time for creativity and also the need for comfort. The Spring Salon jury has selected 158 artists who will present 323 works. 

As in previous years, the majority of applicants are women. Of the selected artists, 85 are women and 73 men. The average age is 49 and the age range is 72 years. The age prize goes to the Svärdets seniorer Stockholm group, in which six of its seven members have turned 80 and whose oldest member is a lady of 92 years. The youngest participants in this year’s Spring Salon are two women born in the millennium year 2000.

Painting is always the dominant technique, represented by 138 entries, which includes works of mixed media with painting as a base. Photography, once again, holds second place with 31 works, followed by sculpture/objects with 29.

Almost half of the selected artists live in the greater Stockholm area. The rest come from throughout Sweden, from Råneå in the north to Degeberga in the south, from Köpstadsö in the west to Mörbylånga in the east.

This year’s jury comprised photographer and artist Jens Assur, artist Petra Hultman and Mårten Castenfors served as chair.