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Liljevalchs’ pink art gallery has undergone an extensive renovation and has reopened in November 2017. The process continues of erecting a new building next to it.

Liljevalchs gallery presents at least three large and lavish exhibitions of art and design each year.

The exhibition programme is directed to both the wider public and to people especially interested in a particular artistic practice or current art and design trends. Liljevalchs’ famous juried Spring Salon marks the opening of each new artistic year.

Under the authority of the City of Stockholm, the Liljevalchs public art gallery opened in 1916 as the first independent, public museum for contemporary art in Sweden. Designed by Carl Bergsten, it is situated amidst the captivating natural surroundings of the island of Djurgården in Stockholm.

Liljevalchs is under the direction of Mårten Castenfors.


Djurgårdsvägen 60, Stockholm.


+46 8-508 31 330


Press photos


Ulrica Hydman Vallien – A Paradise Attack

15 maj–30 augusti

Ulrica Hydman Vallien, a popular and colourful figure, is perhaps best known as a glass designer. She was, however, an all-round artist who drew and painted constantly. The exhibition A Paradise Attack demonstrates how – for her – life and art were one, and how the energy and the joy also concealed darkness.

Hilding Linnqvist – Becoming an Artist

9 oktober–10 januari 2021

Hilding Linnqvist (1891–1984) was a prominent figure and an inspirer in the Swedish Naïvist art movement of the 1910s. The exhibition Becoming an Artist presents his early years and his journey to being embraced as a great painter.